Maverick’s Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching is designed to meet our client’s where they are in their journey towards health through nutrition. We will work with each client to develop an individualized plan.


Lisa Corbett / Precision Nutrition

Certified Nutrition Coach Level 1

So many people are working hard in the gym and not getting the results they are hoping for. Proper nutrition is the key to turning this equation around. I am passionate about teaching people how the food we eat does more than just impact our waistline, but is the ultimate building block of our overall health.  My goal is to teach others how to understand food's effect on our bodies and implement incremental sustainable changes.


4 Meetings Per Month:  

  1. 1 hour meeting with a nutrition and lifestyle coach at the launch of each
    new month and 3 subsequent 20 minute check in meetings
  2. Unlimited text and email support (responses guaranteed within 24 hours).
  3. Mid-week emails with educational information on a topic that is relevant. 
  4. Access to free seminars on relevant nutrition and lifestyle topics.


$99 Per Month:  

It took a lifetime to develop your current habits. Those who make a commitment to themselves in this program for a minimum of 6 months will reap the most reward.