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Enjoy unlimited access to our state of the art facility, Group X Classes’ and knowledgeable staff. This also includes unlimited Club Coach Meetings to guide your experience in the right direction with individualized information.

 "Currently, I am a huge fan of the performance classes in addition to my regular work-outs.  I am a regular in the BARRE fitness classes where the ballet barre meets pilates.  There is nothing quite like this in Ventura!  The BARRE emphasizes posture, grace, and targets that pesky "middle section".  TRX, REVIVE, GRIT and TABATA are also all amazing

Enjoy unlimited access to our state of the art facility and a schedule of our boutique inspired small group classes. This includes unlimited Club Coach Meeting to insure that your class selection and fitness progression continues to improve.


Working with a Certified Personal Trainer is the quickest and most effective way to reach your goals and maximize your experience. Our trainers provide the support, knowledge and accountability you need to get results.


We offer a wide range of Group Exercise Classes that are included with your membership. From Yoga to Spin, Mavericks Gym takes pride in providing a fitness option for everybody. Our classes run 7 days per week.


This HIIT training effect means you: burn calories for hours after the workout; increase aerobic fitness; unleash fast-twitch muscle fibers, burn fats and grow lean muscle tissue.